Overheard in Upnorth Michigan

This room smells like musk. Would you like some febreeze for it? dad asks. 

This place hasn’t been renovated since 1980. That’s its charm.

Yes, we make all the wine right here.

I heard the biggest gossip of the year. One restaurant bought the other one out (there are only three in town). That is good news!

I had one wine cooler yesterday, she said. I had three or four beers, her husband replied. I did pretty good! 

The water is very high this year. 

The trip to the island is a bucket list thing.

All there is to do here is eat.

Our fireworks show lasted 90 minutes. 

I don’t remember a group of them sweeping up the mess after the show last year.

I hope it rains and I get a flat tire tomorrow on my way home, so I don’t have to go there. 

Happy 4th, I say.  Well, I’m still here, she says in response.