5 Websites to Watch Out for in 2013

December 26th, 2012 in Digital Storytelling

Online writers, storytellers, and all content creators should be on the look out for how to best publish their work.online writers

Whether it’s a magazine, a social sharing site, or a newspaper with a more traditional past, there are new websites being born and revamped in order to benefit both writers and readers.

What makes stories fun to read 0nline? Not only the story and the words, but the visuals and the technology too.  Here are 5 websites for online writers to watch out for in 2013.

 5 Websites to Watch Out for in 2013

  1. Copyblogger – The king of writer websites, Copyblogger is a great resource for anyone creating for the web. Last week they announced 2013 the Year of the Online Writer, with a bit of a teaser for a new project they are working on. I expect more good things to come from Copyblogger supporting writers.
  2. Medium – A new self-publishing platform, this site isn’t open for all writers just yet, but  they will be opening more doors in 2013. Started by some of the makers behind Blogger and Twitter, this site allows writers to publish posts or collections, readers to rank content for quality, and it will also tailors articles for users. From the joyous sounds of their goals, Medium could be very beneficial for writers and readers.
  3. Narratively – While readers seem to crave more information than news, and more good storytelling above anything else, this site is focusing on local, in-depth stories. They describe their journalism as “the rich, intricate narratives that get at the heart of what this city’s all about.” Though just in New York City right now, this site hopes to expand across the country and may be a haven for creative writers.
  4. New York Times — A beacon of light for the journalism field, this paper is beginning to change their digital publishing. Their story Snow Fall published this week showcases what the future of newspapers will be online: a hearty mix of words, visuals, and videos used to tell a  good story. Writers should take note of how this paper may be changing, and how they can integrate visual elements into their stories too.
  5. Quartz – From the publishers of The Atlantic, this site has an innovative design and goal at heart. They’ve built their publishing platform for mobile. They’ve also created their journalistic standard to value digital storytelling combined with quality reporting. It will be interesting to continue to watch this site grow.

As  websites evolve, we’ll see more of an inclusion for publishing digital stories that integrate all types of media. Writers and all online content creators can take a cue from watching what these websites publish and share, and learning how we can all better create for an audience online.

It’s all about creating good work, and publishing it in the best way for our readers.

Are there any other sites you’re watching out for in 2013?

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